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The Nation's Capital’s first Canada’s Drag Race Season 2 WINNER Icesis Couture is an “Ottawa Girl” born and raised, with family roots in El Salvador. As a proud Canadian and Salvadorian, Icesis Couture has always included her culture and activism in her performances. 


Icesis Couture’s unique and passion-filled stage presence is legendary within Canada’s Drag community and is now known across the world as the season 2 Lipsync Assassin!


With a drag career spanning 15 years across Canada and the United States, her versatility is limitless, crossing boundaries and genres, creating a one-of-a-kind brand that is hard to ignore, or label!


The moment her heels hit the stage, the devotion and effort are evident as they showcase her creativity and humour while enchanting audiences across North America and the world with a signature style of beauty, glamour and fashion.


Competing in the Olympics of drag she dominated the competition with compassion, humour and haute couture becoming the undisputed WINNER of season 2 of Canada’s Drag Race. Icesis Couture's love for the art of drag and the creative outlet it provides is what fuels her to keep evolving and pushing the boundaries of her art.


Stay tuned and watch as Canada’s new Queen of the North and current reigning Next Drag Superstar continues to win over the world one heart at a time! 

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